Louvian Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Experience sleep the way nature intended with the Louvian Sunrise Lamp. This beautiful dream machine combines a gentle sunrise alarm with soothing sleep sounds to create the perfect restful routine, from sunset to sunrise.


  • Alarm Clock
  • Touch control
  • 10 Soothing Sounds
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Wireless Charger
  • No Apps Needed

Make sleep your simplest self-care routine

Leave your busy day behind and relax before bed with soothing music, stories, and more.

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Give your phone a rest

Relax and unwind with dreamscapes, sleep stories, music, and more that will transport you to a restful mindset.

10 Soothing Sounds

Our premium alarm clock with white noise - the perfect sleep companion. Immerse yourself in a sonic oasis with 10 soothing sounds. Choose from 30, 60, or 90-minute timers to effortlessly drift off to sleep

Wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

Transform your wake-up routine with a gradual sunrise and gentle alarm sounds like chimes and birdsong for a pleasant morning experience.

Here is what customers said after using their Louvian:


felt better rested


sleep improved


more confident on getting better sleep

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More Features!

Make sleep your simplest self-care routine

USB Charging

Enjoy convenient USB charging with 10W 5V fast charging capabilities for quick and efficient power.

3 Dimmable Lightings

Customize your lighting with three adjustable brightness levels.

Rest & Rise buttons

Easily begin your nighttime routine or turn off your morning alarm with a single press of a button, phone free.


Customers like the appearance and time settings of the clock. For example, they mention it's nice-looking, gives a nice ambiance, and the time display is dimmable. That said, opinions are mixed on features, performance, brightness, and ease of use.